Our Company

AEGIS Energy Risk is the leading hedge advisory firm to oil and gas producers. We develop customized comprehensive hedge strategies based on our clients’ specific financial framework, risk tolerance and economic objectives, all in light of the fundamental and technical aspects of the dynamic commodity markets.

Our Strategy

AEGIS’ approach is to proactively support our clients in making sound hedging decisions based on the current market fundamentals.

In addition to the market view, AEGIS takes into account the unique attributes of our clients to assist in structuring an optimal hedge portfolio specific to their needs.

AEGIS ensures all hedges are implemented with our clients’ counterparties efficiently, from a price and operational standpoint, and provide all back-office support including reconciliations and reporting requirements.

AEGIS diligently monitors changes in the market fundamentals and potential impact on our clients’ hedge portfolios, in addition to opportunities to add new hedges and develop their hedge programs.

Spectrum Of Services

Commodity Risk Advisory
Strategy and Execution

  • Hedge strategy and structuring per individual company metrics (production profile, lender borrowing base requirements, leverage, etc.)
  • Continuous monitoring to further fortify the existing hedge portfolio as well as opportunities to add new positions
  • Hedge execution to ensure price and operational efficiency
  • Hedge counterparty implementation support (hedge counterparty introductions, inter-creditor (ICA) or joinder agreements, ISDA schedules, Dodd-Frank onboarding procedures, etc.)

Full Back Office Services
Audited Compliance Reporting

  • Real time hedge execution, confirmation verification, and reporting
  • Month-end settlement calculations, counterparty settlement statement verifications, receivable/payables reporting per hedge counterparty
  • Hedge portfolio tracking and accounting services
  • Real time hedge position reporting
  • Third party mark-to-market verifications as well as audit support
  • Fully customized reporting for the needs of private and public clients
  • Hedge portfolio presentations (internal, board, lender, public)
  • Portfolio valuation verifications – SSAE 16 compliant reporting

Energy Market Fundamentals
and Analysis

  • Proprietary research for our clients, which incorporates the market fundamentals driving our thought process and view on the hedge strategy
  • Technical and physical market attributes driving the current market dynamics
  • Gas basis and crude locational differential perspective and hedge strategy (supply/demand, infrastructure changes impacting take-away capacity, etc.)

Restructuring Advisory
Hedge Portfolio Planning

  • Pre- and post-petition hedge portfolio strategy and execution
  • Third-party accredited portfolio valuation
  • Hedge portfolio restructuring and liquidation
  • Cash-flow and liquidity analysis
  • Post-petition counterparty development and implementation


Chris Croom

Chief Executive Officer

Bryan Sansbury

Chief Operating Officer

Justin McCrann


Isaac Lewis

Director – Trading

Matt Marshall

Director – Fundamentals

Patrick McCrann

Director – Business Development

Trent Sansbury

Director – Operations