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All hedge program management providers are not the same.

Below is a simple checklist to allow you to compare.

Research and Insights

Aegis Others  
yes No Distribute daily First Look at markets
yes No Distribute daily Last Look at markets
yes No Initiate alerts upon market news
yes No Publish an in-depth weekly market summary
yes No Publish anonymized trading and pricing trends
yes No Provide access to forward curves
yes No Provide access to historical settled curves
yes No Conduct client-only webcasts
yes No Produce proprietary hedge benchmarks
yes No Create custom analysis upon request

Strategy and Execution

Aegis Others  
yes No Leverage power of 330+ entities for best pricing
yes No Conduct ongoing portfolio monitoring/reviews
yes No Understand assets and related price exposures 
yes No Model cash flows and returns by the entity
yes No Assess hedge additions/adjustments/terminations
yes No Execute via competitive online marketplace (in progress)
yes No Provide info to minimize credit charges (in progress)
yes No Integrate with NFA for T+1 surveillance (in progress)
yes No Integrate with DTCC for SDR Reporting (in progress)
yes No Maintain SEF registration with CFTC (in progress)



Aegis Others  
yes No Maintain proprietary cloud-based CTRM
yes No Manage integrated data subscriptions
yes No Track lender and internal hedge restrictions 
yes No Store production/consumption borrowing 
yes No Store and maintain critical hedge documents
yes No Resolve trade confirmation discrepancies
yes No Resolve hedge settlement discrepancies
yes No Support all audit and finance inquiries 
yes No Create custom reports and analyses
yes No Maintain SOC 1 Type 2 certifications


Aegis Others  
yes No Own all technology (incl. CTRM) and roadmaps
yes No Render sensitivity and credit-adjusted MtMs
yes No Integrated research, analytics, and benchmarks
yes No Patented analytics and hedge modeling
yes No Automate trade confirmations and invoices
yes No Consolidate hedge details across all entities
yes No Downloadable data to enable models
yes No Render details/history for all trades (in progress)
yes No Partner with industry-leader in cybersecurity
yes No Leverages SOC 2 and 3 - certified data centers


Industry Leadership

Aegis Others  
yes No 5-time Hedge Advisor of the Year
yes No Adding new capabilities (metals, rates, etc)
yes No Access to capital and track record of investment

Private Equity Experience

Aegis Others  
yes No Portfolio management for more than 10 sponsors
yes No Integrated portfolio management on the platform 
yes No Avoid conflicted business activities

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Neither this trading advisor nor any of its trading principals offer a trading program to clients, nor do they propose guiding or directing a commodity interest account for any client based on any such trading program. This checklist is not required to be and has not been, filed with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (“CFTC”). The CFTC does not pass upon the adequacy or accuracy of this disclosure. The CFTC has not reviewed or approved this checklist. For more information, please visit

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