Energy Producers

Upstream energy companies are the risk takers who allow economies to thrive. We provide these producers with deep market insight, technology and advisory services that enable them to effectively evaluate assets and continually assess and manage their cash flow.


Energy loans require hedging covenants and the need to quickly compile information across investments to analyze aggregated risk. Our technology reduces the administrative burdens placed upon energy producers and lenders to make better and faster credit decisions.

Private Equity

Private equity plays a critical role in deploying capital across numerous energy investments on behalf of its investors. We enable sponsors to view production profiles, hedge positions, counterparty exposures and valuations across portfolio companies and management teams.

Hedge Counterparties

We place bilateral trades with over 40 counterparties on behalf of our energy producer clients. We provide hedge counterparties the ability to access production and hedge book information for their clients to enable more effective risk taking and competitive pricing.


Protecting the confidentiality of our energy producers is paramount. However, aggregated and de-identified data on production profiles combined with industry hedge benchmarks and basin-level research and insights powers smarter investment decisions.

Information Services

So much information but so little insight. We sit on top of proprietary data, models, market insights, technology and benchmarks that enable us to support information services in ways that public data simply cannot.