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Last Look: Oil holds steady despite new Iranian threats
Latest Insight
Last Look: Oil holds steady despite new Iranian threats

AEGIS Launches Hedge Modeling and Confirm Verifications through Flow

Since its launch in early 2018 and through continued investment, FLOW has become the leading digital channel for executives seeking a fully integrated hedge management platform. Flow provides visual insights into a company's hedge portfolios, valuations, counterparty exposures, covenant compliance reporting, industry benchmarks and forward price curves.

With Flow's most recent enhancements, companies can now simulate proposed hedge volumes and receive tailored structure recommendations from Flow's proprietary Solver model. These structure recommendations are based upon existing company hedge positions, company risk tolerance, current market skew, and AEGIS' forward view of the pricing market.

Companies can also now use Flow to verify and electronically sign counterparty confirmations. Flow receives confirmations directly from counterparties, extracts data using optical scanning technology, matches this data to specific trades, and enables companies to electronically sign and return the confirmations with the security of DocuSign — all within the platform.

"We continue to work alongside our clients in the development of advisory and software capabilities that allow them to meet the challenges of hedge program management. This most recent upgrade of Flow coupled with the upcoming launch of Engage, the industry's first bilateral hedge marketplace, reflects our commitment to modernize the commodity and rate hedging markets," said Bryan Sansbury, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of AEGIS.

In addition to hedge modeling and electronic confirmation verifications, Flow also now includes:

  • Internal hedge restrictions and production scenario modeling
  • Direct entry and edit capabilities for hedge positions;
  • Credit risk-adjusted mark-to-market valuations;
  • Portfolio sensitivity analysis;
  • Enhanced monthly report distribution and notifications;
  • Lender and counterparty access upon client approval;
  • Integration with AEGIS Engage and View platforms; and
  • Various performance improvements throughout the platform.

These new capabilities complement the data collection, valuations, reporting, benchmarking, and visualization capabilities that have made Flow the most trusted platform in the industry — for both companies and their capital providers.

In addition to Flow, AEGIS provides in depth market analytics, hedge strategy development, counterparty negotiations and full back office hedge management services for its clients. Capital providers, including lenders and private equity sponsors, partner with AEGIS to assess and manage commodity price risk and exposures to support credit and capital deployment decisions.

If you are not an AEGIS client but are interested in a free trial version of Flow, please contact Patrick McCrann at or (713) 936-2806

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