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Ashley Adams

Ashley is an Associate, Customer Success for the firm. Prior to joining AEGIS, Ashley worked for a Human Resources and Financial Services Corporation as a Client Services Director.  She has over fifteen years of experience in service delivery, customer support management, operational leadership, talent development and operational effectiveness. Guided by one philosophy that has been the common thread tying together her professional opportunities and successes – When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too – Ashley pursues her passion for a more holistic approach to client management in a way that brings clarity, direction, and a growth-focused mentality to get measurable results.

She is a graduate of The University of Houston with a degree in Anthropology and Psychology. 

In line with her passion for people, Ashley is also a life coach and mentor, focused on helping people live a more fulfilling life. Outside of the office, you will find her traveling, camping, working out and spending time in nature. She also facilitates online workshops for the local community to support individual personal growth, foster authentic connections and build conscious community.