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AEGIS Launches Hedge Settlement Verifications through Flow

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Since its launch in early 2018 and through continued investment, FLOW has become the leading digital channel for executives seeking a fully integrated hedge management platform. Flow provides critical hedge management workflows, visual insights into a company’s hedge portfolios, valuations, counterparty exposures, covenant compliance reporting, industry benchmarks and forward price curves.

AEGIS recently launched its Settle module within Flow, enabling direct receipt of hedge settlement invoices from counterparties. Settle automatically reads critical details and matches invoices to realized positions, enabling clients to quickly confirm payment dates and amounts with 100% accuracy without leaving Flow.

“With recent energy price movements, hedge portfolios have never been more valuable – and ensuring settlements are accurate has never been more important,” said Trent Sansbury, Director of Operations and Technology at AEGIS. “Combined with an increasingly remote workforce as a result of COVID-19, Settle is arriving at a critical time to ensure our clients can continue critical processes from anywhere.”

Settle follows the launch of Verify in January of this year, which receives trade confirmations from counterparties and automatically records critical details from each document. Clients can then review, match and electronically sign trade confirmations and return them to counterparties without leaving Flow.

“We are excited about the response we have received to Verify and Settle across our clients,” said Chris Payne, Chief Product Officer at AEGIS. “Investing in new capabilities and rolling them out to all clients at no additional cost is in line with our mission of modernizing commodity and rate hedging. ”

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