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Environmental Markets / Voluntary Carbon Offsets

Voluntary Carbon Offsets 


A voluntary carbon offset is a transferrable instrument certified by governments or independent certification bodies to represent an emission reduction of one metric ton of CO2, or an equivalent amount of other GHGs.

  • Carbon offsetting is possible because climate change is a non-localized problem. GHGs mix throughout the atmosphere, so reducing them anywhere contributes to overall climate protection;
  • Offsets generally represent direct emission reductions or sequestration – for example, the destruction of methane emitted from decaying manure at a dairy farm or the improved forestry management; and
  • Offsets face strict rules for approval:  Additional, Permanent, Verified, Enforceable (counted only once), and Real.

Types of Carbon Offset Projects

The cost of voluntary carbon offsets is rapidly rising. See how we can help.

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